Our schools are proud to be solar schools

Installing solar PV systems at schools around the UK is one of the things we are most proud of at Joju. It is immensly satisfying to bring solar energy in to the academic environment for children. As we know that not only do school solar PV systems generate huge savings for the school but they also act as a tangible learning tool for teachers to use to educate pupils on power, electricity, energy and most importantly of all how to tackle climate change. We have heard time and time again how pupils at schools, where we have installed solar PV, have benefitted in their learnings from having a solar PV array installed.

Over the last few years we have worked particularly closely with Solar Schools,which is run by 10:1o, a charity that brings people together to help tackle climate change. The Solar Schools project’s aim is to put clean energy in classrooms all over the country. Schools set a fundraising target for their very own solar roof, then everyone chips in to help make it happen.

It’s a chance for pupils, parents, local businesses, former students and everyone else to do something good for their school, their community, and the whole world.

What makes installing solar PV in schools most satisfying though is when the school itself is so proud to become a solar school.

Schools like Dulwich Primary School who have a direct link from their school website to the Joju monitor of their array. Or Eleanor Palmer Primary School who feature infomation on their solar array in the Eco-section of their school website demonstrate this sense of achivement in becoming a solar school.

It is essential for schools to show climate leadership and educate children on the facts about energy and climate change so that future generations growing up understand the responsibilities they will face in the future. School science and geography education has changed substantially over the last few decades to incorporate the influence of man on the planet in to the core syllabus and using something as tangible as a solar PV system is an extremely powerful tool for teachers.

If you are a parent who is interested in solar PV for your child’s school or a teacher or governor interested for your own school then please do not hesitate to get in touch. As well as solar PV we also install other energy saving solutions for schools like LED lighting.

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Free Installation with Joju on home battery storage

At Joju we like to pioneer the latest technical developments, and we know our customers do too.  That’s why we’re delighted to offer people the opportunity to participate in a major energy storage field trial.

  • Free Installation with Joju on home battery storage
  • Limited Availability – First come, first served
  • Store from 3kWh to 4kWh of your generated solar energy
  • Prices from £3,050 to £6,000 depending on the battery storage chosen

Joju is working with UK Power Networks (UKPN), Powervault and Sonnen to install a limited number of electricity storage products in homes in the South East of England, as part of a major trial of battery technology. UKPN are the regional electricity distribution network operator for the South East and London, and have responsibility for stable operation of the local network. The purpose of the project is to greater understand the impact domestic solar battery systems have on the distribution network, especially if they can help manage demand during the evening peak.

To encourage solar households to take part in the project, the installation of the electricity storage product, whichever you choose, is FREE. Home owners will only pay for the cost of the electricity storage product. Joju who are an approved installer, will install the products.

The trial is offering Powervault’s Lead Acid range of products and the sonnenBatterie. It is running for a limited time only. The offer is run on a first-come, first-served basis.

The scheme will involve the installation of the battery and monitoring equipment and your system will be monitored for 1 year.  UKPN may choose to operate the battery in a number of different ways in this period.

To qualify for this scheme, you must be connected to the UKPN network.  Please note this has no relationship to who your electricity supplier is – that can be anyone (Big Six, Good Energy, Ecotricity etc.).  Rather it is about who owns the distribution wires in your local area.  UKPN’s network covers the SE, London and East Anglia.  To find out for certain if you qualify and UKPN is your network operator click here and enter your postcode.

More information on the products available is below. Prices will vary from £3,050 to £6,000 depending on the battery storage product chosen.

If you qualify and are interested in taking part in this field trial, then please contact Jon Cowdrill, jon.cowdrill@joju.co.uk.