Record number of public EV charge points installed this year

The news is out… about 6,000 public charge points have been installed during the first three months of this year, with a quarter of them rapid chargers. That’s according to quarterly figures from our friends at Zapmap, published by the Department for Transport.

The numbers

By April 1st, 2024, there were just under 60,000 public chargers installed in the UK. That’s a 49% increase on this time last year, and since 2022 the number of public chargers of all speeds has doubled.

Our view

It’s good news for EV drivers all across the country. It’s also positive for people considering the switch to EV, with The Guardian reporting in their EV mythbusters series, that range anxiety is one of the main reasons stopping people switching. Their take is that in the UK (unlike the US), the problem is being addressed and the number of black spots is reducing rapidly. Joju Charging Account Manager, Rob Dickin, agrees…

“Joju is working extensively with our local authority partners to increase the number of chargers available for the public, bringing together public and private sector funding to make sure there are enough chargers available as people make the switch to EVs. The upcoming LEVI funding from the government means we’ll be working even more closely with local authorities to ensure there are chargers available for those without their own off-street parking, so they can access renewable, green energy for their cars.”

Joju has been continuing to install public EV Charging Infrastructure in the first three months of the year, and there’s a lot more to come as Head of Public Sector Sales, Emma Blades, comments:

“The coming months are looking really positive for the EV revolution! With rapid hub projects being finalised and LEVI charging projects due, chargepoint numbers are set to increase further and faster. These projects give a variety of charging speeds for different uses, whether that’s residents charging overnight, visitors charging at a particular destination for a few hours, or people wanting to get charged and on their way as soon as possible. As the availability and ease of charging increases, the EV switch will be more accessible for all and we’re excited to continue to help power people’s journeys”.  

Absolutely right! The Joju Charging team looks forward to bringing EV drivers many more public charge points in 2024 and beyond, in conjunction with councils across the UK and our CPO and funding partners.

And finally…

Check out Zapmap for the nearest EV charge point on your travels.