Joju Solar installation on Bridport Leisure Centre

Swimming with Solar – Bridport Leisure Centre

Mahindra – Racing forward with Workplace Charging

Bluebell railway, EV charge points, electric vehicles, ev charge point install, ev infrastructure

Bluebell Railway’s EV journey

S Georges' SPorts Centre, Scott Brown Rigg, Architects

St George’s College Iconic Solar Sports Hall

Oxford Brookes, Sunset, Solar PAnels, Salix Finance

A Hub of High Efficiency at Oxford Brookes University

Noah'sArk, Green roof, biosolar, aerial, BArnet

A Biosolar Roof for Noah’s Ark

Egni Coop, Graint Thomas Velodrome, Newport Councl, largest solar roof in Wales,

Egni Coop’s Welsh Community Solar Programme

Salisbury Cathedral, solar, spire

The Salisbury Cathedral Solar Roof

solar roof tiles, integrated solar, BIPV, ThamesWey

ThamesWey’s Innovative Battery Microgrid

On the grounds of Chilworth Manor

Pepsi turns Copella Green

Marks and Spencer – Community Energy Scheme

Prodrive to the moon and back

Aldi Supermarket Botley Road, Oxford

Norbar Tools

Oxford Bus Company

Commercial Renewable Energy Case Studies

In the UK, businesses and industry account for 1/3 of all energy use, which means that they have a moral obligation, and, in many cases, a legal obligation too, to try and reduce their carbon footprints and contribute to the UK’s emissions target decrease. More businesses are taking the opportunity to review their energy use and output and taking steps to reduce their emissions, as the benefits of taking environmental responsibility are multi-faceted. Not only are businesses able to play their part in the reduction of emissions, but they are also benefiting from generating new business and fostering better relationships with their supply chains and customers, by being greener.

At Joju Solar, we’ve been working with commercial clients for some time to help them take advantage of clean, green energy for their business. With a huge range of commercial installations across the UK, from supermarkets to soft drinks companies, our solar PV systems have been transforming the way that businesses think about, and use, energy. Commercial buildings are often large, which can make them ideal for situating solar panels, and with the rise in electric vehicles (EV), many employers are also taking steps to provide on-site EV charging points for staff and visitors in their car parks.

Take a look at our commercial renewable energy case studies and see how we’re helping businesses across the UK to turn their buildings and grounds into an energy source to help power their enterprises now, and into the future.