Solar PV

Solar panel installations have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of families in the UK, reduced reliance on fossil fuels, helped businesses go green, and boosted local communities.

Worldwide solar energy is booming as solar panel costs come down.  It’s already the cheapest source of power in 30 countries and rising – everyone seems to agree it’s energy source of the future.

And it still works, even in the cloudy old UK.

Benefits of Solar Panels

Our customers tell us that getting a solar PV installation is one of the most rewarding things they have ever done.

Photovoltaic systems, being a source of green electricity, save carbon dioxide emissions and mitigate climate change. You generate your own electricity, becoming more self-sufficient, especially if used alongside battery storage – that means lower bills.  And then there is the excitement of pioneering new technology, and helping to kick-start positive change in the world.

All this can be achieved whilst offering substantial financial savings, meaning you can be green and rewarded for it at the same time.  It’s a win-win!

Solar panel installation

Joju Solar have installed photovoltaic systems for every type of customer and on every roof type.

  • We offer solar panels for your home, and we now have 1000s of happy customers.
  • We’re pioneers of solar installations for community energy schemes. We’ve installed more solar for community groups than any other solar installer.
  • We help promote solar schools, and build them too! 80 so far, and counting!
  • We install solar panels for businesses, offering great returns on investment. We’re experts in live retro-fitting, so no interruptions to your operations.
  • Our most rewarding work comes from solar for the public sector – providing solar for social housing schemes and helping reduce fuel poverty

Photovoltaic systems can be installed on all roof types, including tiles, slate, metal, flat roofs or ground-mounted.  We cover all scales – from the smallest garden shed, to the largest factory rooftop.  We can work on bespoke architectural designs, including solar on green roofs.  And increasingly we are asked to combine solar with both battery storage and electric vehicle charging.

Find out more about Solar PV Panels

If you’re thinking about a solar panel installation, our experts can provide you with all the answers you need.

We’re one of the UK’s best solar panel installers

Over the past ten years we’ve been trusted by councils and community groups, businesses and homeowners, to build 1000s of PV systems – all shapes and sizes, on all types of roof.

We clearly do a good job, because our customers love us: we score 5/5 stars in all categories on the official customer feedback site YouGen; and we get great feedback from our business/public sector clients.

Our reputation is reflected in our success at the Solar Power Portal Awards – the UK’s leading awards for solar installation companies.  We now have 9 nominations in the last three years, winning Best Community Energy Project in 2015,  and being Highly Commended in the Best Installer and Rooftop <250kWp categories (2015) and Residential Solar Installation (2016).


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