Solar and Storage at the University of Wales Trinity St David

Stuart’s two-staged install

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ThamesWey’s Innovative Battery Microgrid

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Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council’s Full Set

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Chris’s Complete Set

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Robert Llewellyn’s Home of the Future

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Commercial Battery Storage at Turners Hill School

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Glenn gets Fully Charged

Project ERIC

Battery & Smart Grid Case Studies

The last few years have seen a huge increase in battery system use and we can only see this transition continuing to gather pace, as more and more people, organisations and businesses look to utilise cheaper, cleaner energy 24/7.

Many households who already have a solar PV system installed are finding that a home battery installation is the next step towards a fuller utilisation of the free energy that the sun is providing for them. Smart batteries enable those with solar panels to store the excess electricity they generate during the daytime, for use during the evenings and overnight, and many of our customers report that, during the summer months, their households can function as normal on up to 100% of solar-generated energy alone. Once the battery is fully charged, any additional solar energy generated can be exported to the grid as usual. Click here to find out more about how home batteries work.

Battery systems like these aren’t just useful for homes who want to make better use of the energy their solar PV systems are generating, they can also transform the way that larger or commercial buildings use energy too. Our case studies include battery installations in schools, which show the multiple benefits of this type of system in helping to lower the school’s energy bills, reducing their carbon footprint and also providing a superb tool to educate the next generation about renewable energy.

At Joju, we’re not limited to using specific manufacturers, brands or battery types, so we can find and develop the solution that works best for you, whatever the setting or type of building. Contact us for more information.