EV Charging

If you’re getting an electric vehicle, you’ll need an EV charge point. We’re the UK’s leading company for electric car charging point installation

The electric vehicle revolution

Change is happening, and it’s happening fast!  Electric vehicle (EV) sales in the UK are growing exponentially. All major manufacturers now have very popular electric vehicle offerings, and some are already switching to electric only.  The UK will be banning the sale of internal combustion engine vehicles and hybrids from 2030. That means your next car is likely to be electric.

This increase in the demand for electric vehicles will require a complete shift in the infrastructures of our cities (and homes!) as transport shifts from oil to electricity consumption.  We will need to replace petrol station forecourts with millions of EV charging stations in homes, businesses and public spaces to ensure people have mobility when they need it.

Joju are the UK’s leading installers of EV charging points.  We believe that good charge point design is

  • getting the right EV charger
  • with the right power
  • in the right location
  • with the right functionality
  • and the right payment options

It sounds simple, but it does require careful design.  Our team will help you find the right charge point for your needs – whether you are a homeowner, business or public sector authority.

Ensure mobility when you need it

We ensure you have the right product

Smooth, efficient installation

Durable charging infrastructure

Integrate with solar and battery storage

Advanced access and payment options

EV Charge Point Installer Of The Year

EVIEs, Installer, Contracor


EVIEs, Installer, Contracor


Greenfleet Awards, 2022, Winners


Emobility Awards, 2023, Winners




Joju are brand agnostic, and we are not tied to any specific manufacturer.  That means we can always find the right charging solution for you – we are not limited by the range of chargers offered by a single manufacturer.

The most common units to install in homes are fast chargers, offering 7kW of charging power or 22kW if you have a 3-phase supply.  The Zappi solar car charger is also very popular for those of you with a solar roof, allowing you to capture the sun’s energy straight into your car. That’s zero-carbon mileage from your own roof.

Businesses also tend to install fast chargers for their fleet vehicles, staff and customers.  However, some companies that use vans, or specialist vehicles like electric waste trucks, might look at rapid chargers.

Councils will be looking at all options; fast, rapid and lamp post chargers.  Fast chargers are well suited for destination charging locations such as car parks.  However, some rapid chargers are also helpful to allow drivers to charge quickly and get on the go again.  Rapid chargers are also a vital piece of infrastructure to electrify the taxi fleet.  We also see councils installing lamp post and bollard based charge points to meet the needs of the 40% of homes without a driveway.


Each EV charging station application has different needs and we have dedicated teams working on homes, businesses and the public sector.  Click on the links below to learn more about our service in each of these areas.

EV charging for home

EV Charging at Home

See here for our range of home chage points, and more information on our installation process

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Joju Charging Portal

EV Charging for Councils

We specialsie in designing, installing and operating charge points for the Public Sector.

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EV Charging at Work

We have lots more information on chargepoints for business on our dedicated page

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OZEV, grants, chargepoint grants

Grants for EV chargers

Grants are available for households and businesses to install EV chargepoints.  We explain all.

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Advanced EV Charging Options

At it’s simplest, and EV charge point is just a plug socket!  But it’s getting a little more complicated than that.  As more and more people adopt EVs, electric car chargers will need to be smart to control when and how fast charging happens so that it doesn’t overload the grid.  It is now necessary to install an intelligent charger to qualify for the OZEV grants for electric vehicle charge points.

Modern EV chargers are including a whole host of new functionality, including:

  • Payment systems
    • Touch and go
    • Phone apps
    • Setting your own prices for charge point use
  • Back-office systems – the admin behind payment and billing services for EV charge points
  • Billing your home charging to your workplace
  • Load balancing, to help integrate many chargers on a local electricity network

Joju can advise on all of these possibilities to ensure you get the right sort of functionality for your EV charger installation

EV charging, lamp post, phone app


Joju have carried out thousands of EV charge point installations. It’s all part of our remit to help homes, businesses, councils, and communities reduce their carbon footprint – and improve air quality too.

In 2000, we were named EV Installer of the Year at the prestigious EVIEs Awards.

Joju are OZEV accredited for both home and workplace charge point installations which means that our customers can access the available grants, if eligible.

We are founder members of the Electric Vehicle Consumer Code, which guarantees standards for EV charge point installation companies.

Joju are on all the major public sector EV charge point procurement frameworks, including  Transport for London, ESPO, Fusion21 and Portsmouth City Council.

Joju have a network of installers nationwide offering a fast, reliable service and long term maintenance and support.


Electric cars offer many advantages over conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.  They are cheaper to run, from as little as 3p/mile.  They are more efficient than ICE vehicles.  Because an electric motor is around 95% efficient, compared to 35% for  an internal combustion engine, they need about 3 times less energy to run.  And because grid electricity is as clean as petrol or diesel (and becoming cleaner all the time), they emit 3 times less CO2 per mile. It’s a massive win in the fight against climate change.  Not only that, EVs have lower emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulates, improving local air quality and improving people’s health.

EV Facts and Figures

Find out how switching to EV can benefit you on our EV Facts and Figures page.

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EV vs Conventional Car

Our jazzy little interactive infographic outlines the benefits of EVs compared to ICE vehicles

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EVs, Pollution and Health

It’s not just carbon saving, EVs offer local air quality and public health benefits too

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Still not sure about getting an Electric Car?

It’s a big jump to make.   Driving an electric vehicle is a different experience, and making sure you have the mobility you need is crucial.  Bye-bye, filling up in a petrol station, and hello to charging in your own home or grabbing a charge on-the-go.

We’ve written a range of blog articles to help – looking at range anxiety, hybrids versus fully electric vehicles and some of the common myths around switching to electric.

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Range Anxiety

Here’s how to overcome range anxiety – the fear of running out of charge.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your EV charging point installation requirements