EV Charging

The electric vehicle revolution

Change is happening and it’s happening fast!  Electric vehicle (EV) sales in the UK increased from 3,500 in 2013 to over 100,000 vehicles in 2017, with the likes of Mitsubishi, Tesla, Mercedes, BMW and Nissan all having very popular electric vehicle offerings.  European countries such as the Netherlands and Norway are mandating all new cars should be electric by 2025. This increase in the demand for electric vehicles will require a complete shift in the infrastructures of our cities (and homes!) as transport shifts from oil to electricity consumption.  It requires the installation of electric car charging stations to accommodate the rise in electric vehicles, and to ensure people have mobility when they need it.

Why get an electric car charging point?

Put simply, if you want to drive an electric vehicle, you’re going to need an electric vehicle charging point at home, either mounted in the garage or on the driveway.  Similarly, we are seeing workplaces wanting to offer EV charging stations for their employees and customers.  Councils are looking to allow widespread electric charging throughout their locality to allow this electric mobility.  Even the Police are switching to electric vehicles!

Electric Vehicle Charge Stations

Joju are at the forefront of offering the products and services required for the transition to a low carbon future, and that includes a comprehensive EV charging offering.  We can install home charging points, on-street electric vehicle charging stations, and provide EV charging products for businesses to support their workers or customers.

  • Installation of wall or post-mounted electric vehicle charging points
  • Grant applications and management
  • Payment systems
    • Touch and go
    • Phone apps
    • Back-office support for these
  • Company car home charging payment reconciliations
  • Maintenance
  • Expertise in integrating solar and EV charging for those who want their transport completely renewable
  • Carports
  • Grid connection negotiation and management
  • Load balancing, to help integrate many chargers on a local electricity network
  • Infrastructure advisory services

As with the other technologies we work with, Joju is technology brand agnostic which means we work with several different brands of electric car charger so that we can provide the best solution for you.  The brands we work with include Tesla, New Motion, eo and MyEnergi’s Zappi Charger.

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Experienced installers

Joju have carried out thousands of electrical infrastructure installations since we were founded in 2006 – always focused within the clean-tech, low carbon sector.

Joju are OLEV accredited for both home and workplace charge point installations which means that our customers are able to access the available grants, if eligible.

Joju are one of a select group of companies awarded a place Nationwide ESPO procurement framework, enabling public and quasi-public sector organisations to procure electric car charging points and other infrastructure services.

Joju have a network of installers nationwide offering a fast reliable service and long term maintenance and support.

Joju have years of experience working with the national grid operators (DNO) so can facilitate your connection to the grid and manage and advise on the constraints.

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