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Solar Energy CPD courses from Joju Solar

Joju Solar now offer a range of Continuing Professional Development courses (CPD) for buildings professionals including architects, building contractors, roofing contractors and project developers.  The courses take the form of a 1-2 hour seminar, and allow attendees to claim CPD points  for attending the workshop.  Gaining CPD points is a means of demonstrating continual learning within your profession, for furthering your career and gaining specialist skills.

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CPD Course Structure

We offer a range of different modules that can be incorporated into the overall workshop session.  These include:

Module Covering Learning outcomes
Solar Technology Solar Resource, Solar materials, electricity generation

Understanding the factors that influence generation, thereby leading to better designs and specifications

Understanding available solar technologies and specifying the most appropriate technology for the project

Solar in Buildings Components, module mounting, Building integrated

A deep understanding of how PV systems are fixed architecturally to different roof types

Understanding the possibilities of installing building integrated PV

The Solar Market Industry growth, Cost reductions, Economics

Understanding the costs of PV systems

Understanding the payback and investability of solar PV, and developing projects that really benefit the client.

Solar Policy Feed-in tariffs, Government interventions, current overview

Understanding the practicalities of solar subsidies

An inside view on the trajectory of future policy

The Future Smart grids, battery storage and EV charging A preliminary understanding of new technologies that thy will need to consider in coming years.

Each of the above modules takes about 1/2 hour to deliver, so most of our clients pick 2-3 to cover in one session.  Different audiences tend to want to focus on different areas, so you can tailor your requirements to your needs.

Course Leader, Dr Chris Jardine

Our CPD courses are delivered by our Technical Director, Dr Chris Jardine.  Chris has worked on solar PV since 2000, and so has nearly 2 decades experience of the sector.  As well as his role at Joju, Chris is also a Senior Lecturer at Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute, where he runs an annual MSc course on Energy. He has a reputation as a highly engaging speaker and educator.

It’s quite a unique mix – being able to bring academic level information, coupled with on the ground experience of delivering PV projects – and this is something we aim to bring across in our CPD lectures.


If you’d like to receive a CPD course from Joju Solar, then do get in touch via our usual enquiry form.