Aiko Solar Panels

Being brand agnostic, we’re not tied into using specific products or manufacturers when we design and install your solar PV system. This means our Joju team will always recommend the best possible solution for your priorities and budget. We’re also 100% transparent about the products we use for our installations

A brand we’re coming back to time and time again is AIKO. That’s because of its commitment to sustainability and ethics (they received the 2024 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Transparency award), and AIKO panels offer the highest efficiencies/power output, whilst also being affordable.


Who are Aiko?

Founded in 2009, AIKO are one of the world’s leading solar cell manufacturers. They pride themselves on constant innovation, which they achieve through significant investment in research and development. As such, Aiko currently holds more than 1,000 patents to date.

Using their wealth of knowledge and expertise in solar cell technology, AIKO launched their first solar PV panels in 2023. In recognition of the success of their panels, AIKO received the 2023 Intersolar Innovation Award and the 2023 Red Dot Design Award too.


Aiko Second Generation Solar PV Panels

AIKO have recently launched their 2nd generation solar PV panels which feature All Back Contact (ABC) technology, market-leading panel efficiencies, partial shading optimisation, and low degradation rates – all at a competitive price point.

The panels also come with a 30-year performance warranty and a 15-year product warranty as standard.

The AIKO 465W panel boasts the highest panel efficiency on the market at 23.3%. For those seeking all-black aesthetics, the AIKO 455W all-black panel offers the highest efficiency all-black panel currently available at 22.8%. These are the highest solar panel efficiencies available in the UK, based on a solar panel area less than 2m2.


All Back Contact Technology

AIKO panels feature All Back Contact (ABC) cell technology, which results in an elegant solar panel design with no visible busbar lines on the front surface. ABC technology allows the entirety of the front surface of the panels to capture sunlight efficiently, which is one of the ways AIKO achieve their market leading panel efficiencies.



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