Zappi EV Charger

zappi – smart charging for your EV

At Joju, we are brand agnostic, meaning that we’re not tied into using specific products or manufacturers. As a result, we can ensure that we recommend the best possible solution for your EV charging requirements and budget, depending on your specific circumstances.

When you choose Joju Solar to provide and install your EV charger(s), whether at home, for a workplace or for a public sector installation, we will discuss the various options available to you to make sure that the products we use are the best possible fit for your electric vehicle charging needs.

The zappi is a smart EV charger, created by myenergi, which is designed to utilise energy in the most cost-efficient ways possible to charge electric vehicles. The zappi charger can work with an existing solar PV system, harnessing excess energy produced by your solar panels to charge your EV as well as your home. Using a zappi charger, you can essentially run your electric vehicle on sunshine!

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A zappi EV charger helps you get the best economics from your solar roof, beacuse instead of exporting excess electricity to the grid for 5p/kWh, you don’t have to import electricity at 15p/kWh to charge your car.  It can also work in conjunction with a home battery storage system, so if your car isn’t there whilst the solar energy is being harvested, this electricity can be stored in the battery until you’re ready to charge the vehicle, even at night.

If you don’t have a solar PV system at the moment, the zappi can still work exactly as other EV chargers do, using energy from the grid to charge your vehicle. However, you will be future-proofed, should you want to add solar at a later date.

What makes the zappi different to other EV chargers?

Most EV chargers simply use electricity from the National Grid to charge your electric vehicle. Whilst this is also something that the zappi charger can do, what makes it stand out is its ability to switch between using the grid and using your own renewable energy generated by your own solar PV system or wind turbine. The zappi is a smart charger, meaning that not only can it be programmed to charge your vehicle at specific times and use specific energy sources (e.g. solar energy, power from your home battery or from the grid when energy is cheapest).  It is most commonly set up to only use the excess solar energy to charge a vehicle that is plugged in, rather topping up with grid electricity.

Using the zappi app and a myenergi hub (which give the zappi EV charger a wireless internet connection), you can control your EV charger remotely, check on the status of your EV charging, adjust the balance or charging mode of the zappi (e.g. from a fast charging mode that takes priority, to Eco mode which will charge your vehicle more slowly in the background) and view all of the usage statistics and logs that you could ever want or need.

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Is a zappi EV charger right for you?

If you currently have an existing solar PV system (or a wind energy generation system) and have or are planning to get an electric vehicle, the zappi EV charger will enable you to charge your vehicle with the free energy generated by your renewable system, making this a great option to have if your EV is likely to be parked up in this location during some daylight hours, either on weekdays or at the weekend.

If you don’t currently have a solar PV system or wind turbine, but are considering getting one installed at some point, you can install a zappi charger and later incorporate your new system with it. If you installed a conventional EV charger now and later decided to add a solar PV or wind energy system, you would need to purchase and install a new EV charger to work with your new elements, which might not be covered by the current UK government grant for installing EV chargers at home or at a workplace.

If you’re not sure whether the zappi is right for you or whether another EV charger might be a better fit for your requirements, get in touch with us for expert advice.

Can a zappi EV charger be installed outside?

The zappi EV charger is designed to be installed and operate optimally either outside or in a garage/sheltered area. The zappi is best placed in the area where you will most often park the electric vehicle. If you do get a zappi EV charger installed outside, it has a pin code lock function for security.

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How much does it cost to install a zappi EV charger?

As with any EV charger installation, the costs of installation will vary, depending on your existing electrical setup and your requirements for this equipment.  Pricing information and ordering is below.

In the UK, the government currently provides a grant for homes or workplaces of up to £500 of the cost of an EV charge point and installation, which will make a significant difference to the end cost to you. Find out about the OLEV charging grants here.

If you’re considering a new solar PV installation or are considering upgrading your existing solar panels, get in touch with Joju for expert information on the best solution for your needs and your budget. Contact us through our site or give us a call on 0207 697 1000.

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