Renewable Energy Installations in Yorkshire

The Area

From the urban landscapes of cities like Sheffield, Bradford, Huddersfield, or Leeds through to the rural expanse of the Yorkshire Dales, Joju’s reach stretches across the counties encompassing a wide and varied array of renewables projects.

Be it large-scale electric vehicle charging point projects in towns and cities, or solar panels installations on agricultural barns and outbuildings, we bring the knowledge and experience you need when devising, planning, and implementing your renewables project.

As with the whole Joju Solar organisation because we are not wedded to any supplier or manufacturer, we promise honest unbiased advice on whatever type of project you are planning, and we are free to provide the right technology to meet your specific needs.

The Team

Yorkshire is one of our most varied operating areas and our team reflects that. Based in Sheffield and Barnsley we range across the north of England, but home is where the heart is and some of our Yorkshire based projects are sources of immense pride and satisfaction. We approach each job with an open mind taking care to select the right technology to meet the specific needs of our customers.

The Projects

One of the areas our team is most proud of is our recent partnerships with some of the local councils in the Yorkshire area. We have teamed up with local government authorities to develop and implement Electric Vehicle Charge-point programmed for Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and Barnsley Council.

Stone Buildings are such a feature of Yorkshire, both in the towns and across the countryside. Because of this we have in-depth experience working on Yorkshire flagstone roofs, meaning we can install solar panels in as sympathetic way with as possible, with little chance of damage to those beautiful structures.

Our Sheffield based team has gained vast experience installing solar panels in built up environments across Yorkshire and beyond. One specific expertise we pride ourselves on, is in installing solar panels on terraced houses. Previously residents had been informed they lacked sufficient roof space, but because of Joju’s independent “technology agnostic” ethos, we are able to employ a fresh approach and re-evaluate, rather than reject a project based on the “one-size fits all” assessment the home owner had previously received.

We have over a decade of experience and are experts in helping every customer and client get the best setup for their needs and budget. In addition to fitting solar panels and large or small PV systems around the Yorkshire region, we also install a full range of other renewable energy products for residential or business use, such as battery systems to store solar energy for use when the sun isn’t shining, and electric vehicle (EV) charging points.

Cutting-edge EV charging solutions in the Yorkshire area

The ever-increasing number of electric vehicles on the road, for both personal and business use, means that there is also an increasing demand for EV charging point installations, whether that’s at the home of an EV driver, at a place of work, or in a public car park.

Joju Solar are approved as EV charge point installers by the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), which means we can help you apply for government EV charge point grants in Yorkshire that can save you up to £500 off the cost of a home or workplace charger, and we look after the installation and logistics too.

In addition to installing home EV chargers in Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford, Halifax and the entire Yorkshire region, we can also fully manage the installation of EV chargers in workplaces and for businesses or public sector departments that require them. For example, we also work with local councils and police forces to install EV chargers in city centre public carparks and for fleet vehicles as required. See some of our EV charging case studies here.

Solar panels installations in Yorkshire

Joju Solar have been pioneers of solar energy right from the beginning. Founded in 2006, when our Technical Director, Dr Chris Jardine, was running the solar energy research at Oxford University, we have since expanded to bring our expertise to the Yorkshire region.

We offer a full end-to-end service for all of our customers, whether it’s solar panels for homes or a solar PV and battery storage system for a business, a school, a community building, local government or a social enterprise in the Yorkshire area.

We can be involved in everything from initial feasibility studies through to system design and installation, not to mention after-sales care and the maintenance of your system. We treat every project individually to ensure we come up with the best system, products and equipment for your specific needs. We aren’t tied into using specific brands or systems, so can find the best solution that is tailored to your requirements.

If you want to discuss a solar installation, battery system, or Electric Vehicle charging point project in the Yorkshire area, get in touch today.

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