Community Energy

Power to the people

Across the UK hundreds of groups have come together to work towards a clean, democratically owned supply of energy: ‘Community energy’.

We share this vision for the future, one that’s very different from the past century, where we’ve been stuck with a handful of huge corporations owning and controlling our power, creating pollution, and even conflict around the world in their scramble for profits.

Joju’s work with communities

We are proud that we’ve been pioneers of community energy from the very beginning. We built the first community share-funded solar installation in the UK back in 2008, and have continued to work closely with numerous community groups around the country ever since.

  • Since 2012, £29 million of capital has been raised by communities for renewable energy projects. Joju Solar have been responsible for installing nearly 10% of this
  • In Summer 2014, we delivered 630kWp of community funded PV across ten schools in just six weeks, for our major partners the Low Carbon Hub and Energy4All – two of the leading community energy groups in the country

Your project

With our deep understanding of community funding and our excellent network of partners, we can help you explore your options quickly and get things moving.

LEDs and batteries

As well as building renewable supply, community groups are also investing in efficient ways of using electricity.

LED lighting can help cut bills, improve interiors and reduce carbon emissions. And now batteries are starting to become affordable, allowing spare solar electricity to be stored for evening use.

Find out more about our work with LEDs and batteries.

Joju is a proud member of Community Energy England

  • Orchard Field Community School
  • Prodrive to the moon and back
  • Marks and Spencer – Community Energy Scheme
  • Green Oak leads the Way with LEDs
  • Academic First for SOAS
  • commercial battery storage, sonnen, repower balcombe, sussex, Eco8
    Commercial Battery Storage at Turners Hill School
  • Wey Valley Schools
  • Fox Primary School
  • Norbar Tools
  • Oxford Bus Company
  • Low Carbon Hub

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