Electric Car Charging at Home

Choose the perfect EV charger for your home from our selected range of the best charge points on the market

Choosing a Home EV Charger

If you’re considering getting an electric car, then you’re going to need an electric car charging point at home.  We expect to see the majority of electric car charging to be carried out at home, as it is most convenient, with smaller top-ups at workplace charge stations and public charging stations.  There are a number of things you will want to consider when choosing an ev charging point, which we explain below.

Joju are not tied to any particular manufacturer and we offer a range of products to suit everyone’s needs.

Smooth purchasing and installation

Wall or post mounted options

7kW fast charging for optimal convenience

You can even run your car on sunshine

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EO Home Chargepoints

Our entry level chargepoint is the eOLEV home charger, made by British manufacturer, EO.  It is available as a 3.6kW or 7 kW version, with an optional tethered cable.

The basic chargers come with no software, just plug in and instantly get a charge.

eo offer two models.  The eo MINI is a simple universal socket.  The eo BASIC home charger is a more elegant version, and comes as a socket or with tethered cables.

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New Motion, home charger, smart ev charger

New Motion Charge Points

Our smart charging option is the NewMotion charger, and are available as 3.6kW and 7.2kW units.  NewMotion units come with a smart interface allowing you to see chargepoint usage and cost data on a portal.  The new Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill will require chargers to have smart functionality in order to access OLEV grants.  As well as the portal, other smart features include: RFID (charge card) access for extra security (or to charge your neighbours to charge), and  billing your fuel costs directly to your employer.

The Zappi

Our most popular chargepoint offering is a little different!  The Zappi charger diverts excess solar energy from PV roofs directly into the battery of your car, allowing you to fill your tank with sunshine!  The Zappi has 3 modes – Eco+ (solar charging), Eco (Standard 3.6kW slow charge) and Fast (7kw fast charge), and you simply choose how to charge when you plug in.

We talk more extensively about how to set up your home to allow you to run your car on sunshine in this dedicated web piece.

Learn more here
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The Zappi Charger

The Zappi charger is the essential link between producing your own electricity, and using it to drive.

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Buying your Home EV Charger

We want to make purchasing your home EV charger as simple as possible, whilst also ensuring the highest possible technical standards.

Simply download our pricing brochure and choose the charge point you would like.  When you do this, we’ll send you a text message, with a link to a site survey form.  We’ll ask you to send us some images of your fuseboard and chosen EV chargepoint location in order to confirm that your existing set up is suitable. It means you won’t have to wait around for surveyrs to visit – whilst we capture all the technical information we need to specify your charging solution.

We’ll then confirm the price and book in your installation.  It really is as smple as that.

1. Enquire here

Click the link below to go to our Home EV Charger enquiry page

2. Pricing

We’ll send you our pricing brochure, and a text message link to the survey form

3. Survey

Fill out the self survey form and photos on your mobile phone

4. Confirmation

We’ll confirm pricing with you. 95% of the time it is just our standard pricing, but occasionally some extra work is needed

5. Installation

We’ll book in the electrician for your project on a convenient date for you. The installation itself should take 1/2 day

6. Handover

We’ll make sure your charger is working, and explain to you how to use it. We manage the OLEV grants on your behalf

Technical Considerations

There are a few technical issues that you should consider before buying your home EV charge point.

Tethered or untethered?

You will need to consider whether to get a tethered or an untethered charger.  A tethered ev home charger has the charging cable integrated into the chargepoint itself.  By contrast, an untethered cable is loose at both ends and is usually stored within the boot of the car and can also be used for charging when out and about.

It’s really a matter of personal preference – would you find getting a cable out of the car every time you charge an inconvenience?  If so, get a tehtered charge point.  But remember – you will need a cable in your car anyway for charging on the go.

Type 1 or Type 2

It is also important to ensure you have the right cable to fit your car.  The majority of car sockets are either Type 1 or Type 2.  Type 1 is a 5 pin socket capable of charging single phase at 3.6 or 7 kW.  Type 2 is a 7 pin socket and can be used to charge at 3.6, 7 or 22kW (3-phase).  As part of the survey process we ask you to tell us what car you own, so we can make sure you get the right cable.

Wall-mounted or post mounted

All of our charge points can be mounted on the wall (in a garage, or discretely on the front of your house) or on a standalone post (perhaps on a driveway, for convenient charging).  Once again, it’s a matter of personal preference – just let us know where you would like your charge point located in the survey form.

Grants for home electric car charging point installations

Grants of up to £350 are available for the installation of electric car chargers at home, but you must use an OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) approved installer.  Joju are OLEV approved to install eo, NewMotion and Zappi chargers.

When you download our pricing document, the prices you will see are after the grant has been applied – so what you see is what you pay.  And we do all the claims on the grants, so you don’t have to overpay and then claim back.

In order to be eligible for the grant you will need off street parking – for a wall mounted charge point in a garage or as a post system by the driveway.

Read more about grnats for EV chargers, and eligibility here.

Learn more here

Further Information about EV charge points

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