Commercial Director

Joe Michaels

Joe has a commercial and entrepreneurial background. In 2006 Joe set up Joju Solar because he was determined to use his experience and skills to be part of the new Green Economy and play a real part in tackling climate change. Joe has spent many years living, working and travelling in developing countries and has a passion for helping us to move to a greener future. He says: “Joju Solar is part of the future. I set up Joju Solar because I know that companies like ours can make a real difference in helping us move to a clean green Britain.”

Technical Director

Dr Chris Jardine

Dr Christian Jardine is a founder member of Joju Solar and has been involved with solar PV since 2001 when he ran Oxford University's research into solar energy and microgeneration. He is recognised as one of the UK's foremost experts in the performance of solar PV and is the author of prize-winning papers on the subject, as well as leading publications such as “PV in the UK” and “Power from the People”. Chris says: “Within Joju Solar I am responsible for ensuring the products we use are of the highest available quality, that we are always at the forefront of our industry, and that all staff are trained to deliver excellent quality installations.”

Operations Director

Joe Gabriel

Joe is a graduate of the University of Oxford where he spent time researching “green chemistry” and investigating novel methods of carbon dioxide sequestration, his work on which has been published in a number of academic journals. After graduating and before joining Joju Solar, Joe was responsible for the development and international accreditation of the SolarTile, an innovative building integrated photovoltaic module. In his spare time, Joe makes home brew and dabbles in ceramics.

Head of Engineering

James Page

James studied Engineering with Economics and Industrial Sociology at Cambridge University and is a chartered engineer. After a career in telecoms and broadcasting, he joined Joju Solar in 2009 and now manages a wide range of commercial projects. James has an active (Green) political life and chaired the Climate Change Task Group for the London Borough of Richmond. He has written articles on subjects such as the trading of radio spectrum (not so different from trading carbon). He also contributes to the YouGen website.

Commercial Project Manager

Ed Baughan

Ed is a Civil Engineering graduate from the University of Warwick. Whilst studying he developed his interest in sustainability and the effects of the construction industry on the environment. After graduating he quickly started working as a project manager for the solar industry and joins the team having previously worked for another renewable energy company. “I take great pride in working with Joju towards a sustainable, green future,” he says. In Ed's spare time he likes to study French, play guitar, read books, and tend his garden allotment.

Residential Sales Manager

Jon Cowdrill

Having studied a Masters in Renewable Energy, where he enjoyed assessing various technologies and energy futures as well as looking at policy initiatives, Jon decided to put his knowledge into practice with Joju Solar. Jon has now been working at Joju for over 5 years. ``I have seen first hand how generating your own energy really engages people in energy matters and helps them to reduce their electricity consumption.`` In his spare time, Jon likes to cycle up big hills, get the train to foreign countries and get punished at his local Muay Thai gym.

Residential Project Manager

James Haslehurst

James studied Sustainable Energy Engineering at Queen Mary University of London, before working in Laos, Southeast Asia, designing off-grid PV and battery systems for remote villages.
``I strongly believe sustainability to be the next in our evolution as a species and I am proud to be playing my part. It is a genuine pleasure to be working around so many people who are determined to create a better future. ``
Don't mess with our James, though - he's fully trained in Karate and has practiced various martial arts for as long as he can remember.

Residential Project Manager

Lesley Giles

Lesley graduated from university with a Master’s degree in Chemistry, during her course she researched organic photovoltaics. ``I’ve always been interested in renewable energy so the opportunity to research a novel solar technology was amazing and my passion for solar energy has grown from there``. Lesley is a project manager on our residential team, working to plan and deliver solar installations for home owners. In her spare time you’ll find her adventuring, attempting to speak foreign languages and reading.

Financial Controller

Iona McNeill

Iona has a Physics degree from Oxford university, and a MSc in Renewable Energy and Enterprise from Newcastle University. She trained to become a Chartered Accountant at Ernst & Young and is pleased to be using her financial skills at a company installing green technologies. Iona's main passion is in dancing, which she does as often as possible. She also loves being out in nature, whether that is getting stuck into the garden or being at a festival.

Operations Coordinator

Aidan Moran

Aidan graduated from Loughborough University with a masters in Renewable Energy in 2017.
He works in Joju's Electric Vehicles team, coordinating installations, and also manages our maintenance projects.
After his first degree, Aidan lived abroad in Thailand, New Zealand and Myanmar. ``This gave me the chance to see more of the natural world and how important it is to protect it. On returning, I was sure I wanted to start a career in renewables.`` It's not all work, work, work though - Aidan's next target is to complete a triathlon and watching Aston Villa.

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