Meet The Team

We’re a continuously growing team of over 80 specialists, covering design, installation, and delivery – including Sales and Account Management, Project Management, O&M, Finance, Communications and our own in-house team of electricians.


Here are a few familiar faces.

The Directors

Commercial Director

Joe Michaels

Joe has a commercial and entrepreneurial background. In 2006, Joe set up Joju Solar because he was determined to use his experience and skills to be part of the new Green Economy and play a real part in tackling climate change.

Joe has spent many years living, working and travelling in developing countries and has a genuine passion for helping to create a greener future.

Joe says: “ I founded Joju because I know that companies like ours can make a real difference in helping us all move towards a clean green Britain, through solar technologies, battery storage and EV Charging infrastructure. Helping our customers to achieve their sustainability ambitions inspires us every single day.”

Technical Director

Dr Chris Jardine

Dr Christian Jardine is a founder member of Joju Solar and has been involved with solar PV since 2001, when he ran Oxford University's research into solar energy and microgeneration.

Chris is recognised as one of the UK's foremost experts in the performance of solar PV and is the author of prize-winning papers on the subject, as well as leading publications such as “PV in the UK” and “Power from the People”. He also champions community-led energy projects.

Chris says: “Within Joju Solar I'm responsible for making sure the products we use are of the highest available quality, that we're always at the forefront of our industry, and that our team is trained to deliver excellent quality installations``.

Operations Director

Joe Gabriel

Joe is a graduate of the University of Oxford where he spent time researching “green chemistry” and investigating novel methods of carbon dioxide sequestration. His work on this has been published in a number of academic journals.

After graduating and before joining Joju Solar, Joe was responsible for the development and international accreditation of the SolarTile, an innovative building integrated photovoltaic module.

In his spare time, Joe makes home brew and dabbles in ceramics.

The Management Team

Head of Residential Solar

Jon Cowdrill

After gaining a Masters in Renewable Energy, Jon joined Joju in 2010 and in that time, he’s seen the rise and fall of the Feed in Tariffs, massive increases in demand for electric vehicles and the rapid development of home battery storage. Jon says, “I’ve always been interested in the increased resilience that solar and batteries provide to homes and communities. That’s why I like to be able to offer back-up and off grid systems to our customers” and when it comes to the best part of the job, it has to be “getting to site, clamping on that last panel and seeing the kWhs start to flood in from the sun.“

Jon finally got his own solar panels in 2019, so he can do that at home now too… and even though he’s a big Tesla fan, he opted for a Victron battery a few years later in 2022, which is up and running and working like a dream.

Jon moved to Sheffield in 2018 and likes trail running, climbing, cycling and Muay Thai.

Head of Commercial Solar

Ed Baughan

Ed is a Civil Engineering graduate from the University of Warwick. Whilst studying he developed a keen interest in sustainability and the effects of the construction industry on the environment.

He has been working in the Solar PV industry for over a decade and decided to join the renewable industry sector because he was passionate about making a positive contribution. As Ed says, “Joju is a particularly good place to do this due to the strong connections to community-led projects, which have additional benefits beyond the generation of clean power”.

In Ed's spare time he likes to rock climb, brew beer, and tend his allotment.

Head of Delivery (EV Charging)

Graeme Patton

After working in the renewable energy sector for 13 years, Graeme joined Joju to focus on the delivery of commercial and EV Charging Infrastructure. He has since built a design and delivery team to support our growing Joju Charging business.

Graeme says “ Supporting local authorities and commercial businesses to install EV Charging infrastructure in response to the climate emergency is always rewarding. Seeing the team flourish alongside the achievement of our client’s ambitions constantly inspires me”.

Graeme can often be found checking various apps to ensure the maximum energy efficiency and self consumption from a small solar array on his Somerset home, and is also a committed animal rescuer.

Head of Sales (EV Charging)

Chas Warlow

Chas leads the Sales team, who are the first point of contact for all our clients, and oversee the client relationship throughout the process of procurement, installation and management of charge points.

Chas has an MSc in Sustainability and Management and has worked in Sustainability for the past 14 years, setting up and running a community hydro power project and previously working for non-profit organisations to run energy efficiency projects for local councils. In recent years, he's become involved in local politics and this May, he was elected as a local councillor for the London Borough of Richmond.

In summertime you'll find Chas on Ham Common playing cricket, or paddleboarding on the River Thames.

Head of Engineering

James Page

James ensures our system designs are sound in every way, without being afraid to do things differently.

After studying Engineering with Economics and Industrial Sociology at Cambridge University, James became a chartered engineer whilst working in telecoms and broadcasting. He chaired the first Climate Change Task Group for the London Borough of Richmond, joined Joju in 2009 and still monitors the performance of as many sites as possible - leading to some interesting research.

James has written articles for Energy in Buildings and Solar Power Portal and is also a member of the MCS PV Working Group.

Head Electrician

Mark Kerr

With over 34 years’ experience in electrical installations, 12 of them in renewable energy, Mark is a highly skilled, approved electrician and NICEIC registered qualified supervisor, with a keen interest in renewable energy, storage systems and electric vehicle charging

At Joju, Mark has spent his last 5 years developing the electrical installation team. He enjoys mentoring emerging talent and supporting others in their development.

Mark was the UK's first electrical installation engineer to own and install the first DC coupled Tesla home battery storage system. He received a Performance Excellence Award from Tesla for our installation at the home of Fully Charged’s, Robert Llewelyn.

Away from Joju, Mark loves outdoor pursuits and is a qualified dance teacher, leading to him making an appearance on BBC’s Strictly! He also has a keen interest in contemporary gadgets.

Financial Controller

David Elliott

In 2006, David went on a 6 week trip around Europe from Sydney, Australia, fell in love with the UK, moved here the following year, and never looked back!

As well as David’s financial acumen, he has a degree in Japanese, has previously lived in Japan, and loves to travel. With loved ones in Australia, David also cherishes family time when that happens.

When it comes to his role at Joju, David says, “ I really enjoy working with a young, motivated team, and it's great to be part of a team of specialists in an industry that is growing so rapidly”.

Key Players

Head of Residential Project Delivery

Bria Cuthbert

Bria has always been interested in the environment and the natural world, leading her to leave a corporate finance role and return to university to take an ecological masters. Following its completion, she worked in solar project management before starting with us.

Bria manages the residential PV project manager team and organises stock and logistics to help keep installs flowing in the current busy environment.

Bria says, “I love that I have a role where I can spend my days wrangling with the logistics of the installations and keeping everything organised and on track. I really enjoy working with my team and Joju in general, as everyone has a very similar mindset and environmental goals”.

Outside of Joju, you can find Bria testing out local breweries, reading, cooking, and relaxing with her cat.

Account Manager

Emma Blades

Emma graduated from the University of Southampton with a BSc in Environmental Science and has a background as an Environmental Consultant, specialising in resource efficiency management and sustainable procurement.

At Joju, Emma looks after key public sector customers and specialises in Bluelight sector EV Charging Infrastructure, and says that her favourite thing about working here is… “The team! The good ethics, focus on renewables and EV infrastructure are a happy bonus too”.

Emma is a mum to two girls and a dog (Bess), lives on the South Coast and can often be found surfing, windsurfing, sailing. She also plays the violin and creates pottery.

Design Engineer and Residential Project Manager

Rhys Phillips

Rhys studied Biology at the University of York. Following this, he spent a year teaching Science at a secondary school in Stoke before venturing into the solar industry. He enjoys playing both hockey and cricket, and is a big fan of Welsh rugby. He is currently in the process of training for a 60km charity run.

Account Manager

Rebecca McFarlane

Rebecca graduated in Modern Chinese Studies and has a Masters in Applied Linguistics from Edinburgh. She worked abroad for many years before settling back in Scotland and becoming a teacher. Leaving teaching to follow her passions in sustainability and renewable technologies, Rebecca came to work for Joju as an Account Manager in the EV Charging team.
Rebecca wanted to work for Joju because of our commitment to making sure the energy transition is as democratic as possible. ‘I can see a direct link between the decisions we make now and how that will affect future generations. If I can help people make those decisions based on sound technical expertise and experience of the industry, then I believe that I can make a difference’.
Rebecca’s spare time is spent growing veg and looking after animals. She also enjoys wild swimming in the sea and rivers around her home.

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