Solar & Renewables in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire

Nestling between our Oxford region and the capital our Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire teams are flying the flag for providing innovative, flexible solutions to anything the counties can throw at them. The “Three Counties,” are active and enthusiastic participants in the transition to renewable energy. These counties, while historically known for their picturesque landscapes and cultural heritage, are increasingly embracing sustainable technologies.

Solar panels dot the roofs of homes and businesses, contributing to a growing solar energy capacity. Local governments and organisations are driving sustainability initiatives, promoting electric vehicle adoption, and implementing energy-efficient measures. Collaborative projects seek to reduce carbon emissions and boost energy efficiency. The Three Counties’ commitment to renewable energy mirrors a broader trend in the UK, highlighting how even traditionally rural and historic areas can play a crucial role in achieving a greener, more sustainable future.

The Team

The region has several urban centres including Watford, Hemel Hempstead, Aylesbury and St Albans. It is covered by several teams each fully committed to Joju’s ethos of being “technologically agnostic” is a mantra that pervades all our teams and means, unlike some other solar panels and renewables companies, we are not wedded to a single technology or brand. Fundamentally we want to provide the technology that’s most suited to meeting our customers needs rather than meeting quotas or pushing brands because of our profit margins. This forces us to always think outside the box with all options open to us when putting together a solution.

Renewable Energy Projects

Two projects that exemplify the work undertaken by our Three Counties team can be found in Reading. Firstly we have the lamppost Electric Vehicle Charging project we completed in conjunction with the local council. The council estimated that over 50,000 people in the borough had no access to off street parking. This is a massive barrier to electric car ownership so lamppost charge points are a perfect solution. We were chosen to pioneer these electric vehicle chargepoints on eight streets across the town chosen via a public consultation.

On the rooftops of the University or Reading we were busy installing solar panels as part of the universities commitment to establishing a low carbon campus. This was an example of a project with a lot of constraints in terms of funding and timescale but this only makes us more flexible. We proudly delivered a solar panel project without subsidy and installed wholly during the summer break.

Case Studies

Browse some of the solar, electric vehicle and renewable energy projects in this area or that our team has assisted with :

  • fully charged, robert llewellyn
    Glenn gets Fully Charged
  • Marks and Spencer – Community Energy Scheme
  • University of Reading, solar panels, Edith Morley, sunshine, blue sky
    Subsidy Free Solar at University of Reading
  • S Georges' SPorts Centre, Scott Brown Rigg, Architects
    St George’s College Iconic Solar Sports Hall
  • Beautiful and powerful – Mike’s new build home
  • Reading Borough Council