Solar & Renewables in Oxford and Oxfordshire

Joju have an office in Oxford and would be delighted to help you with your local project. If you want to discuss a solar installation, battery system, or Electric Vehicle charging point project, get in touch today.

The Area

Oxford is where it all began for Joju Solar. Oxfordshire is a county of remarkable diversity and beauty. Though primarily known for its world-renowned university city, Oxford, is a region that harmoniously blends urban environments with rural landscapes. The bustling city of Oxford and its vibrant culture of research and technical innovation form the core of this county, while the periphery extends into picturesque countryside and areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Oxford, at once both an historic and forward-thinking city, is making strides in renewable energy adoption. While known for its prestigious university and rich history, it’s also becoming a hub for sustainability. Solar panels adorn rooftops, and the city is actively promoting clean energy initiatives. The University of Oxford, for instance, has set ambitious carbon reduction targets, spurring innovation in renewable energy research and implementation.

The city’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its public transportation system, which includes electric buses, and its efforts to reduce emissions from buildings through energy-efficient retrofits. Oxfordshire County Council is also working on renewable energy projects, such as wind turbines and solar farms.

Oxford’s journey towards renewable energy aligns with its dedication to environmental stewardship and a greener future, showcasing how even cities with deep historical roots can adapt to a more sustainable energy landscape. Joju has long had it roots here and so we gel perfectly with this vibrant, forward-looking culture.

The Team

Our Oxfordshire team embraces the challenge of working in such a diverse region. We are presented with an array of projects, each unique in its requirements and surroundings. Whether we are installing solar panels on the rooftops of historic Oxford buildings or harnessing the sun’s energy amidst the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, we adapt and innovate to meet the distinctive needs of every solar panel installation and renewable energy project. This adaptability and commitment to innovation align perfectly with Joju Solar’s core values. We understand that renewable energy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Oxfordshire, with its dynamic blend of urban and rural spaces, exemplifies the need for a flexible and open-minded approach to sustainable technology.

In an industry where specialisation is common, we stand out by thriving on the diversity of projects we undertake. We do not shy away from the multifaceted nature of Oxfordshire’s demographics, industries and landscape; instead, we see it as an opportunity to excel. We pride ourselves on being nimble, flexible, and responsive to the unique requirements of each project, whether it’s in the heart of the university city or the tranquillity of the countryside. As we continue our journey in Oxfordshire, we remain committed to our mission of driving sustainability and harnessing the power of renewable energy to create a greener future.

Solar PV installations in Oxford

With over a decade of experience in designing, planning and installing solar PV systems in the Oxford area, here at Joju Solar, we are experts in helping every customer and client get the best setup for their needs. In addition to solar panels and large or small PV systems, we also install a full range of other renewable energy products for residential or business use, such as battery systems to store solar energy for use when the sun isn’t shining, or electric vehicle (EV) charging points.

Pioneering solar in the Oxford area

Joju Solar have been pioneers of solar energy right from the beginning.  We were founded in 2006, when our Technical Director, Dr Chris Jardine, was running the solar energy research at Oxford University, and we have looked to bring that expertise into the wider community.

In 2008 we installed the very first community solar PV scheme for Low Carbon West Oxford on the Kings Centre.  Since that point we have worked with all the community groups in Oxford; Low Carbon Oxford North, Low Carbon East Oxford, Low Carbon Barton, as well.

The Low Carbon Hub are leading the development of community renewables in Oxfordshire, and we have been their solar contractors since their inception.  We have completed over 2.2 MW of installations for them over the last 5 years including some of the largest community solar roofs in the country and 21 schools.  More projects are in the pipeline!

We also work closely with Oxford City Council and were the installers on their pioneering Project ERIC scheme.  This installed solar PV and battery storage systems on 50 social housing units in Rose Hill.

Types of renewable energy and solar installations in Oxford

Our previous installations in Oxford include a solar PV system on an Aldi supermarket, two huge systems for Norbar Torque Tools and Prodrive, fitting a PV solar energy system in Oxford University’s engineering department, an elegantly designed solar PV install on Orchard Field Community School’s unusual curved roof structure and many residential properties of all shapes and sizes.

We offer a full end-to-end service for all of our customers, whether it’s solar panels for homes, EV charging points in a car park, or a solar PV and battery system for a business, community building or a social enterprise in the Oxfordshire region. We can be involved in the whole journey from feasibility studies through to design, and installation, not to mention aftercare and the maintenance of your system. We treat every project individually to ensure we come up with the best system, products and equipment for your specific needs.

If you want to discuss a solar installation, battery system, or Electric Vehicle charging point project in Oxford or the surrounding area, get in touch today.

Case Studies

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    A Hub of High Efficiency at Oxford Brookes University
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