Aldi Supermarket Botley Road, Oxford

Aldi Supermarket Oxford improves sustainability reputation with solar PV installation

Aldi Supermarket’s have a strong reputation for corporate social responsibility, therefore, asking Joju to install a commercial solar PV system demonstrated their commitment to sustainability and improving the environmental performance of their operations and buildings.


The challenge on this project was coordinating the installation staff and fitting their work into the schedule of the wider supermarket building project. The project management of staff time and punctual completion of the work meant that the solar installations were seamlessly integrated into the wider building work, with no overruns or disruptions to the overall project schedule.

This commercial solar project was typical of Joju Solar’s large scale work, with modules retrofitted onto metal warehouse roofing. It was a great demonstration of the benefits of scale, and our Solar Panels for Business project and supply chain management capabilities. A single commercial solar panels installation team (2 electricians and 5 roofers) under the supervision of an on-site project manager installed the system according to a specific installation plan. The project Manager was on-site and available throughout the project to deal with any circumstances that may arise. The whole rooftop solar installation time was just 7 days.


April 26, 2016


Commercial, Oxford, Solar