Solar Panels & Renewable Energy in Surrey

Close by the capital city but with huge expanses of a countryside and areas of outstanding natural beauty our Surrey team area never sure what sort of installation they’ll be working on from one project to the next! To the north, inside the M25, we have the London suburbs while the further south you go the more the environment opens out into rolling countryside but even then you have towns like Guildford, Woking, Godalming, Aldershot and Farnborough.

All this adds up to one of most varied portfolios of all our project hubs. This might be a challenge for some solar panel & renewable energy installation companies but it fits in perfect with Joju’s commitment to being nimble, flexible and reactive. We are not salesmen for any one technology or brand, we bring an open mind to every single project we undertake so regardless of where in Surrey you are and what type of project you need you can be confident Joju Solar will tailor a solution that’s custom made to meet your needs.

The Team

Based in Guildford, our renewable energy installers range across the Surrey with strength in-depth. This means we have immense experience to draw upon so whatever industry you are in, whatever your property, whatever your requirements we are sure we’ll be able to get the expertise you need, from the design phase right through to physically installing the solar panels, charge points, batteries for you.

Renewable Energy Projects in Surrey

The Surrey team have participated in some of our most innovative. Ground breaking projects. It’s not just the technology in question but the structure of the organisations we have worked with to bring renewable energy to customers across the county.

One perfect example of this is over in Guildford and Godalming where a community funded solar energy project saw us install solar panels on schools across the Wey Valley. This was a community owned co-operative that ticked all the boxes for us: Saving the schools money on their energy bills, lowering carbon emissions and providing the pupils with a visible, accessible example of how technology can help shape our future. As you can imagine, it’s one the team were particularly proud of.

Another hugely rewarding project was the Thamesway Solar Panel / Battery microgrid. As with so many of our projects the installation part of the process was only the tip of the iceberg. The project saw us work closely with a company owned by Woking Borough Council to develop a bespoke, integrated solution to create a microgrid across a housing estate in Woking. It involved an innovative system of energy storage based on a financial model for acquiring the electricity in the most efficient way possible. The learnings we gained here has been absorbed across the company and is being rolled out in projects all over the country.

Case Studies

Browse some of the solar, electric vehicle and renewable energy projects in this area or that our team has assisted with :

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