New Build

New build projects come in many forms – from one off home architectural projects, to housing developments and larger commercial rooftop projects.  In all cases, solar PV, battery storage and electric vehicle chargepoints are all great options for reducing the carbon impact of the development, and ensuring that environmental performance targets are met.

Helping buildings professionals with solar design

Joju have our own team of in-house design engineers and project managers to assist buildings professionals at all stages of the project.  We are highly experienced at working with architects, principal contractors and roofing contractors with over a decade in the business.  We know what is required at each stage – expert design, fast turn-around, competitive pricing, smooth project management and integration of labour teams on site.

We’re happy to look at any job, at any scale – simply get in touch via our quick enquiry, and send the relevant roof plans through to us.

Solar for new build developments

New build developments have carbon targets associated with them and we can design systems to ensure targets for onsite generation are met.  Simply let us know your kWp, kWh or CO2 saved requirements, and we’ll do the rest.

Our years in the industry have given us experience with all different roof types, so if you require solar PV integrated with a turf roof, semi-transparent solar glazing, require specialist light-weight fixings, or just want to get the most from your investment, chances are we’ll have seen something like this before.

If you’re redeveloping your own house, we can work with your architects to incorporate solar in an aesthetic manner, all whilst optimising the generation possible.

New build developments also require a percentage of parking spaces to be equipped with electric car chargers, and we can provide electrical designs for this aspect, as well as our dedicated EV chargepoint installation teams.

The latest solar information

We’re building an information hub on our website as a one stop shop for architects, so we can share our expertise with you.  We’ll be showcasing the latest and best products, information on building integration and our insight into forthcoming policy.  We back all this up with our own CPD courses, which are delivered by our in-house experts.

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