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Our commercial projects team help architects and buildings professionals to design and deliver first-class solar new build projects


New build solar panel projects come in many forms – from one-off home architectural projects to housing developments and larger commercial rooftop projects.  In all cases, solar PV, battery storage and electric vehicle charge points are all great options for reducing the carbon impact of the development.  From a developer perspective, this ensures compliance with environmental performance targets and adds value to the property development.

Joju Solar’s team of in-house design engineers and project managers can assist buildings professionals at all stages of the project.  We are highly experienced, with over a decade in the business working closely with architects, principal contractors and roofing contractors.  We know what is required at each stage – expert design, fast turn-around, competitive pricing, smooth project management and integration of labour teams on site.


Solar arrays designed to meet performance targets (kWp, kWh, tC)

Fast turn-around

Competitive Pricing

Expert project management for smooth delivery

Knowledge base and CPD courses

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New build developments have carbon targets associated with them, and we can design systems to ensure that you meet your goals for onsite generation.  All you have to do is let us know your kWp, kWh or CO2 saved requirements, and we’ll do the rest.  We are not tied to any specific products so we can always choose the optimal solution for any given project.  For example, we might specify high-efficiency modules to meet strict carbon targets in a small roof-space.

Our years in the industry have given us experience with every type of roof.  If you require specialist solutions, such as solar PV integrated with a turf roof, semi-transparent solar glazing, specialist light-weight fixings, chances are we’ll have seen something like this before.

If you’re redeveloping your own house, we can work with your architects to incorporate solar in an aesthetic manner, all while optimising the generation possible.

We’re happy to look at any job, at any scale – so do get in touch below.  Send us roof plans and any carbon targets for the project, and we’ll do the rest.

Talk to our commercial projects team on 0207 697 1000 or send us a quotation request


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Joju Solar are the exclusive solar partner of Sika Sarnafil.
We install their bespoke SSM1 mounting system, offering an elegant lightweight solution for membrane roofs.


We’ve developed a range of technical guides for architects across the website.  Our guide to solar panel mounting systems, and to solar panels themselves, provide architects with essential knowledge for appropriately designing solar roofs for their projects.

Solar PV

Solar PV

Our solar PV knowledge base has all the information you need to incorporate solar into your new build projects

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Mounting Systems

Discover how we fix solar panels to any type of roof.  Fixings are completely watertight and structurally sound.

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Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Learn more about different types of solar panels for your property here.  We have a range of products to suit every need

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High Efficiency

High Efficiency Modules

High efficiency modules help meet carbon targets even in the smallest of roof spaces.  They look great too!

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Solar Energy CPD Courses

To help architects and buildings professionals boost their understanding, we also run our own Solar Energy CPD courses.  These courses are taught by our Technical Director, and Oxford University renewables lecturer, Dr Chris Jardine.

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New build developments also require a percentage of parking spaces to be equipped with home electric car charging.  We can provide electrical designs for this aspect of the project and a full installation service from our in-house EV charge point installation teams.

The transition to electric transport seems almost inevitable, so it makes sense to incorporate the infrastructure when the project is conceived rather than retrofitting at a later date.

Provision of EV infrastructure is already starting to affect house prices. In the coming years, access to a dedicated home electric car charger will become one of the key selling points of a property.  The increased desirability of the property offsets the marginal extra cost of incorporating electric vehicle charging points.

Talk to our EV team on 0207 697 1000 or send us a quotation request