ESPO Framework

ESPO Framework for Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure

Reducing transport emissions and improving air quality and climate change impacts are  key aims for many public sector organisations, and the switch to electric vehicles (EV) plays a major role  in achieving them. To make this transition viable for the general public, public services, businesses, taxis and fleets, it isvital to have an EV charging infrastructure that can support both current and future requirements.

The Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO) is a public sector owned organisation that has provided a wide range of services to the public sector for over 35 years. ESPO Framework 636k has been developed to allow public bodies to access pre-approved, market-leading and fully compliant solutions for EV charging infrastructure programmes.

The ESPO Framework for EV Charging Infrastructure is open to public bodies in all local government administered regions of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, including:

  • All Local Authorities
  • Central Government Agencies and Ministries
  • The NHS and Emergency Services (blue light)
  • Schools, Academies, Colleges and Universities
  • Registered Charities
  • Registered Social Landlords


What is ESPO Framework?

The ESPO Framework, also known as the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation Framework, is a procurement framework that provides a range of goods and services to public sector organisations across the UK. The framework is managed by the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation, a non-profit organisation that was established in 1981 to provide procurement support to local authorities and other public sector bodies.

Why use the ESPO Framework for your EV charging programme?

This framework has been set up to simplify the way in which public bodies can access the latest products and services in relation to EV charging. It is compliant with UK/EU procurement legislation, so public bodies don’t need to run their own procurement process, and all of the approved suppliers are considered market leaders – offering high-quality products and services.

The ESPO EV Charging Infrastructure Framework is fully scalable.  Projects and programmes of any size can utilise it; from a single charge point installation to large multi-point solutions across several sites.

Joju has been selected as a supplier on this Framework. We understand the evolving EV market and have considerable experience of delivering EVCP projects for the public, private and third sectors. In addition to bringing a wide range of technical skills to bear on projects, we also offer a variety of funding options. As we aren’t limited to using a specific brand or manufacturer with our public sector EV charging installations, we can access the full range of products to best meet your requirements

What type of EV charging solutions are available when using the ESPO Framework?

We define and deliver fit-for-purpose EV charging solutions for your staff, fleet, the general public and other stakeholders.  This includes slow EVCPs for overnight charging, rapid charging for taxis, and fast EVCPs for car parks, as well as on-street charging from lampposts or street furniture.  See how Southampton City Council installed a public car park programme via ESPO, and Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council installed a combination of electric vehicle chage points along side solar PV and battery storage.

What options are there for EV chargepoint funding with the ESPO Framework?

There are no pre-defined funding options available to you when using the ESPO framework. However,  third-party finance agreements such as the one offered by Joju can beoffered if desired.  We can also  support your applications to existing UK Government grants and schemes

For more information about accessing potential funding for your public sector EV charging infrastructure programme, click here.

You can access the ESPO Framework for EV Charging Infrastructure here. We can offer advice and support at any point in the process.


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