Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Installations for Council Car Parks

What is Car Park EV Charging?

EV charging for carparks is the installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in car parks. This allows EV drivers to conveniently charge their vehicles while parked, encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The installation of EV charging stations in car parks may also attract environmentally conscious customers to businesses and increase property value in the area.

Our EV charging installation services for carparks involve the installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in designated parking areas. We offer a range of charging solutions to suit the needs of car park owners and councils.

Poor air quality, and the impact it has on health and the environment, is very much under the public spotlight, both regionally, and nationally, as England works towards meeting emissions targets by 2030. Traffic in our towns and cities is a major contributor to carbon emissions and air pollution. The general public and businesses are being encouraged to switch their cars and vans from diesel and petrol to low emissions and electric vehicles, along with other clean transport measures, but this change requires the support of local authorities to ensure that adequate EV charging infrastructure is in place in all areas.

Having ample town and city centre provision for EV charging facilities helps encourage more drivers to switch to electric vehicles and could be vital for the 40% of households in England with no off-street parking at home.  It’s also good for local trade; as the ownership and usage of electric cars increases, electric vehicle drivers are likely to choose to go shopping where charging infrastructure is most prevalent and available.

There are several frameworks for vehicle charging infrastructure currently in place across the country, which provide a straightforward route for local authorities to procure charge points for electric cars. These frameworks mean that a lengthy and complicated tender process doesn’t need to be undertaken by each individual council.  Using the frameworks currently in place, suppliers and installers that are already approved by each EV charging scheme can be contacted directly and the evaluation and implementation process commenced quickly. The framework that is most appropriate for a public sector body will depend on a number of factors, but we can offer expert advice on the best option for your requirements.

With thousands of council-owned car parks across the country, utilising some of these car parking spaces for electric vehicles can be a straightforward way for local authorities to provide the EV charge points needed in their area.


Depending on the framework used and the type of EV charge points required, there may be some government funding available for EV charge point installation by councils. Alternatively, we can bring 3rd party finance into the project meaning you don’t have to pay a penny to get the EV chargepoint infrastructure implemented.

As experts in EV charging car parks and helping local authorities to complete feasibility studies, secure funding and complete high-quality installation work within tight deadlines, Joju is in an ideal position to help your council to put in place the EV charging infrastructure that is needed in council car parks.

View our case study on how we’re helping Southampton Council to meet the needs of their residents with EV charge point installations in city centre council car parks.


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