Kate and Mike’s sound investment

Kate and Mike’s sound investment

Why did you choose solar?

“We had the capital to invest, and saw solar technology and the Feed-in-Tariff as a good way to make the money work for us.”


Kate and Mike Jenns had spent much of their working lives as teachers and knowing that they would be spending more time at home during the day with their two chickens, two cats and a dog, Heidi, they wanted to take advantage of the electricity they generated. They also realised that without home renewables their electricity bills would be higher as they spent more time at home.


Going solar wasn’t a simple decision so before deciding to go ahead, Mike and Kate did their homework (no surprise for a pair of teachers) as they were concerned to make sure that the panels wouldn’t damage their roof and would provide a sound investment and in their first quarter they saw their electricity bill down by 40%


April 26, 2016


Residential, Solar