An iconic and award-winning install

Installing solar PV on Salisbury Cathedral was always iconic… and now it’s award-winning too!

We’ve just won the Alan Clark Award for Local/Community Energy at the Solar and Storage Live Awards, 2021 – and it’s an honour to receive it.

Community energy is something we’ve championed from the very beginning. It’s at the heart of who we are. We built the first community share-funded solar installation back in 2008, and the schemes are a fantastic way of getting renewable energy projects built at scale, within a local area, with local shareholders benefitting from the income generated.

Solar on Salisbury Cathedral

In the case of Salisbury Cathedral, a new group, Salisbury Community Energy, approached the Cathedral and we became involved via the Schools Energy Coop. We came up with a design that met the ecclesiastic planning committee’s stringent requirements and once approved, it was full steam ahead with the install.

You can read about the project in more detail here and as the Bishop of Salisbury put it,

“With clear purpose and helpful partnerships even iconic buildings can make a difference towards sustainability.”

Being recognised for our part in this historic project, alongside Salisbury Community Energy, certainly means a lot to us.


Let’s talk rising energy prices

Are you wondering why gas and electricity prices are rising and what the future holds? 

To discover more, we’ve been catching up with Professor Jonathan Stern, Distinguished Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. 

Jonathan is a specialist in natural gas issues worldwide, an author, an honorary professor at the Centre for Energy, Petroleum & Mineral Law & Policy, University of Dundee, and visiting professor at the Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London. He is also a fellow of the Energy Delta Institute, a Distinguished Research Fellow of the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan, and a member of the EU–Russia Gas Advisory Council. 

In this interview we talk about what’s causing the current price rises, whether it’s a blip and what it means for renewables.



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