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EV Market Trends 2020

For World EV day 2020, we take a timely look at trends in the EV market – what trends are we seeing and how do we expect these to continue?   The number of electric vehicles is already significant In…

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What is the Most Efficient Solar Panel?

At Joju Solar, one of the most common questions we are asked is “what is the most efficient solar panel?”  Here’s our guide to the best of the best. More efficient photovoltaic systems produce more electricity from every square meter…

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Electricity Tariffs for the Renewable Home

Choosing the right electricity tariff for you can be pretty confusing.  There are hundreds of different tariffs available on the market, so it can be hard to find the perfect one.  Price comparison websites are great, if all you are…

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Overcoming EV Range Anxiety

Sales of electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrids (PHEV) in the UK rose by 27% in 2017, year on year, and the latest figures, released in April 2018, show that around 146,000 plug-in vehicles are currently driving around on our…

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Good Ancestor, Roman, Krznaric

How to be a Good Ancestor

In this week’s blog, our Technical Director, Dr Chris Jardine, meets philosopher and author, Roman Krznaric.  Together, they discuss the importance of time horizons when thinking about sustainability.  Chris Jardine: We’re delighted to see you have a new book out…

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Converting Classic Cars to 100% Electric

Internal combustion engines, for all their flaws, are design classics.  Why let them go to waste? In this guest blog, Steve Drummond from Electrogenic explains why you should consider converting classic cars to electric. Electrogenic converts classic cars to 100%…

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How to install solar in schools

We’re currently building a 2MW community energy scheme with a Welsh community energy group called Awel Amen Tawe.  Their Egni Coop is working with Newport Council to install solar on their schools and other public buildings such as the velodrome. …

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