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Cleaning and maintaining your solar panels: an expert guide

Customers often ask us if they should arrange to have their solar panels cleaned. The short answer is that it is unlikely to be worth it. In the UK climate solar panels are largely self-cleaning and deterioration in PV system output due to dust or dirt is rarely detectable, even after 3 years. However, if you are in doubt do ask us to have a look at your generation figures (taking in to account weather variations).READ MORE

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Electric Vehicles, Air Pollution and Health

The switch to electric vehicles has other beneficial effects above and beyond reducing carbon dioxide emissions from personal transport.  Conventional internal combustion engine vehicles also produce pollution, notable nitrogen oxides and particulate matter, that have seriously detrimental effects on local air quality.  Poor air quality can affect people’s health, especially irritation of the respiratory system and lungs and some forms of cancer.  Improving local air quality is therefore a major issue for many local councils, and encouraging the switch to EVs is a key means for addressing this.  Below we look in more detail at these tailpipe pollution issues.

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Joju Solar’s April Project Showcase

Well it’s been quite an April here at Joju Solar!  We’ve delivered a whole host of projects this month and lots of them have featured some really innovative design.  We give our customers bespoke designs for all projects, and the results can be spectacular.  With our project managers filling up our WhatsApp group with pictures of their latest work, we thought we’d share some of the best with you.READ MORE