Joju’s Dr Christian Jardine stars at Solar Energy UK

Read Dr Chris Jardine’s presentations from this year’s Solar Energy UK Conference.

Dr Chris Jardine gave two high profile presentations at this year’s Solar Energy UK conference in Birmingham 14-16th October 2014.

In his first talk, Chris outlined the barriers to commercial rooftop solar in the UK, which are mainly seen as a poor alignment of business priorities and a 20-year FiT.  Chris goes on to propose how a shorter FiT may help boost the rooftop solar market. 

In his second talk Chris gave  an overview of Joju Solar’s schools work over the summer of 2014 – 632 kWp installed on 29 roofs at 10 schools and all done in 5 weeks.  Chris looks at the aspects that were difficult (planning, lack of site plans, legal sign off) and what was easy (the build programme itself). 

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