Government Tax Hike to hit solar power in schools

A new petition from Greenpeace calls on people to help prevent the Government from hitting the solar industry in the UK further with a planned tax increase, which will affect schools and businesses negatively.

Last week was exactly a year since the Paris climate deal was agreed by world leaders at COP21. Twelve months on from that historic moment, when the world pledge itself to a low carbon, climate friendly and more sustainable future, one would have hoped that the UK Government were looking to support the UK’s renewable industries, like solar energy, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case. As last week UK NGO Greenpeace announced the Government’s plans “to slam the industry with colossal, unmanageable tax hikes.”

Greenpeace UK announced that the government is about “to attack solar power yet again.” UK ministers plan to hit schools and businesses that invest in solar power with a huge tax hike. In an immediatiate response to this discovery Greenpeace have launched a petition to the Government to reconsider their plans.

Recent government funding cuts have already triggered thousands of job losses in the UK solar industry. But now Greenpeace say if changes to tax on solar panels are pushed through, experts are warning the solar industry will be left decimated.

Here at Joju we know and belief in the fact that green, sustainable energy, like solar, has a crucial role to play in powering Britain, helping us to keep the lights on and to do our bit in decreasing planet warming emissions and meeting our Paris Pledge.

NGOs like Greenpeace know that with the right support, renewables could form a cornerstone of government plans to create new opportunities and new jobs especially after Brexit.  However, we are as disappointed as Greenpeace are to see that instead of backing industries like solar the Government risk making decisions that could put yet more solar firms at risk of going out of business.

Recent global politically decisions especially in the US have cast serious doubt on the potential for sensible climate leadership, which means it is more vital than ever that the UK seize the chance to lead in clean energy and demostrate its credibility as an environmental leader to the rest of the world. We believe right now, like Greenpeace, that means defending solar power in the UK.

We, therefore, encourage you to add your name to the petition and demand that the government urgently rethinks the solar tax hike plans.

We know better than anyone that for many people, choosing solar power isn’t just about cutting emissions — it’s also about saving money. And up until now, businesses and schools that rolled out panels on their rooftops could stand to benefit from serious cash savings on their electricity bills. But the Government’s new tax plan is so severe that any savings could be diminished or even wiped out.

We also know that in schools solar PV has loads more benefits than just saving the school money. It can be a powerful educational tool for pupils inside and literally outside the classroom. We are starting to see many of our schools, like Green Oak, who have installed solar PV now install other energy efficient technologies like LED lighting furthering the positive message they are sending out to their pupils.

If you think, as we do, that Greenpeace’s petition is worth supporting then please sign it and forward on to others.


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