Joju Charging, Branded charge point, lamp post, City EV

Check out our charge points!

Occasionally, we step out from behind the install… and this is one of those times.

Joju Charging, Lamp post, EV charger, Joju

Take a little look at our Joju-branded charge points and, if you’re charging your electric vehicle in Eastleigh or Winchester in Hampshire, you might spot one as we’ve been working with Hampshire County Council to bring this Joju Charging operated network to EV drivers in the county.

Joju Charging, Joju branded, chare point,

We’ve installed 50 Joju-branded EV chargers in Hampshire. Some are integrated into street lights (several with contactless payment terminals) and you’ll find some housed in bollards, next to the kerb, for ease of charging.

Joju CHarging App, screeshots

The network is supported by our Joju Charging app and it’s just another little way we’re leading the charge!


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