Tesla, Powerwall 3, launch

Tesla Powerwall 3 is on the way!

After months of whispers on social media, Tesla have announced that the Powerwall 3 is coming in 2024. So, what do we know so far?

What’s new in the Powerwall 3?

The main difference between the Powerwall 3 and the Powerwall 2 is that the new model contains an integrated solar inverter. This is a switch from being an AC-coupled system to a DC-coupled system. It means that the solar connects directly into the battery where it is stored, before being converted to AC electricity as and when it is needed in the home. This reduces the number of conversions between AC and DC electricity and will improve the overall efficiency of storage, from 90% up to 97.5%. That means more electricity for use in the home!

The direct connection of solar to the battery removes the need for a dedicated solar inverter, saving cost, and the Powerwall 3 has 6 solar inputs for maximum flexibility.

Increased Power output

The new version of the Powerwall will have the same 13.5 kWh of energy storage as the Powerwall 2. However, it will now be able to put out 11.5 kW of power instead of 5 kW of power. It will be able to meet even the highest loads in the home, including showers and even heat pumps.

Powerwall 3 Specifications

The Powerwall 3 is a slightly squarer unit than the Powerwall 2. It is broadly the same size but slightly deeper, at 19 cm compared to 14.5 cm.  And by the looks of the pictures, they have a glowing Tesla logo on the front!


Naturally, the new Powerwall will be able to back-up your supply in the event of a power cut. We are waiting to hear whether this will be single-phase only or a full 3-phase backup.


The battery will come with an industry leading 10-year warranty.

When will the Powerwall 3 be available?

The new Powerwall is expected to be available in Europe in winter 2024. The Powerwall 2 will remain available and may be better suited to some applications.

If you’re going solar now, or are keen to add battery storage to your system now, then the classic Powerwall 2 will be your best bet.  Want some inspiration?  You can see some of our hundreds of Tesla installations here.

You won’t be able to extend a Powerwall 2 system with the Powerwall 3, so if you’ve already purchased and are thinking of upgrading

How do I buy a Powerwall 3?

Exact technical specifications and pricing have not yet been released by Tesla at present. Joju are a premium partner for Tesla, and one of the leading installers of Tesla Powerwall in the UK.  We will, of course, be installing them as soon as they become available.  Given that they are designed to be quicker and easier to install, we can’t wait to get cracking!

We’ll be putting out more details as and when we get them. To hear the latest as soon as we have it, sign up to our dedicated Powerwall 3 mailing list.


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