Graeme Patton, Zappi, first electric car, range anxiety

My First EV – Graeme’s First Electric Car

You might remember that our Head of Delivery (EV Charging), Graeme Patton, recently got his first electric car. Well, we’ve been catching up with Graeme to find out about his experiences so far… from collecting the car from the dealership, to how he’s been finding the range. Plot spoiler: the word ‘planning’ comes up a lot!

We’ve also been inviting you to share your experiences with us, and we put one of those to Graeme in this interview chat.

So sit back, relax and listen to some interesting reflections on having an electric car for the first time, and if you’d like to share your views or ask a question, you can get in touch with us on our social channels – Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook, using the hashtag #firstev. You can also email us to join the conversation.



Let’s keep talking about EV’s, and let’s keep leading the charge!


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