Corporate Solar Panels

What do we install Corporate Solar Panels on?

Corporate solar panels can be installed on a variety of structures, such as rooftops, car parks, and ground-mounted systems. Rooftop installations are common for commercial and industrial buildings, while car park installations can provide shade and generate energy at the same time. Ground-mounted systems are also an option for larger corporations with more land available for installation. It’s important to consider factors such as orientation, shading, and structural capacity when selecting a location for solar panel installation. Consulting with a professional solar panel installation company can help determine the best location and system for a corporation’s needs.

The Benefits of Solar Panels on Corporate Structures

There are several benefits of installing solar panels on corporate structures, including:

  1. Cost savings: By generating their own electricity, corporations can reduce their reliance on the grid and save money on energy bills.
  2. Environmental benefits: Solar panels generate clean energy, which can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainability.
  3. Positive brand image: Installing solar panels can improve a corporation’s reputation by demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability.
  4. Energy independence: By generating their own energy, corporations can become less reliant on fossil fuels and the fluctuating costs associated with them.
  5. Tax incentives: Many governments offer tax incentives and rebates for installing solar panels, which can further reduce the costs associated with installation.
  6. Long-term investment: Solar panels have a long lifespan and can provide a reliable source of energy for decades, making them a good long-term investment for corporations.

Overall, installing solar panels on corporate structures can provide a range of benefits, from cost savings and environmental benefits to positive branding and long-term investment.

commercial rooftop solar panel installation
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    The Salisbury Cathedral Solar Roof
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    A Hub of High Efficiency at Oxford Brookes University
  • solar roof tiles, integrated solar, BIPV, ThamesWey
    ThamesWey’s Innovative Battery Microgrid
  • Egni Coop, Graint Thomas Velodrome, Newport Councl, largest solar roof in Wales,
    Egni Coop’s Welsh Community Solar Programme
  • Noah'sArk, Green roof, biosolar, aerial, BArnet
    A Biosolar Roof for Noah’s Ark
  • S Georges' SPorts Centre, Scott Brown Rigg, Architects
    St George’s College Iconic Solar Sports Hall
  • Bluebell railway, EV charge points, electric vehicles, ev charge point install, ev infrastructure
    Bluebell Railway’s EV journey
  • Mahindra – Racing forward with Workplace Charging
  • Joju Solar installation on Bridport Leisure Centre
    Swimming with Solar – Bridport Leisure Centre
  • Aldi Supermarket Botley Road, Oxford
  • Norbar Tools
  • Oxford Bus Company

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