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Joju Charging hosted the Evolving EV conference on 23rd September 2019 at City Hall in London.  100 delegates from local authorities and other public bodies attended the event, to learn about the practicalities of developing their own EV charge point schemes.   Presentations from the event can be downloaded below.

Evolving EV, City Hall, Audience

Southampton EV Network by Neil Tuck, Southampton City Council.  Neil outlines the issues Southampton City Council face with local air quality, how they have developed a city-wide programme of EV charge point infrastructure and the lessons they have learned along the way.

Practical Power by Peter Lagesse, City EV.  City EV are manufacturers of lamp-post chargers, and as well as running a field trip to see their product in action as part of the day, also presented.  Peter explains the technical aspects of their solution as well as useful pointers for developing a scheme – street signage, driver information, and tariff selection.

Transition to Electric Vehicles by Paul Roebuck, Hampshire County Council.  Peter outlines the huge growth Hampshire County Council have seen in EV usage across their fleet, and explain more about the Central Southern Regional Framework that they developed to manage procurement in their region and beyond.

EV Uptake by Mike Potter, Drive Electric.  Drive Electric are one of the largest electric vehicle lease-hire companies in the UK.  Mike uses his insight into market trends to show why fleet vehicles are likely to be the big growth area in EVs, and where and when users are charging.

The Future of EV – Managing the Transition by Dr Chris Jardine, Joju Charging. Chris concluded the event with a big-picture view – what will towns and cities look like with 100% EV adoption?  EV infrastrucutre will affect how individuals live, and because of this EV infrastructure will also affect the urban form of towns and cities.  It’s an opportunity to make clean, liveable, vibrant neighbourhoods, if done correctly.


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