Efficiency is King

No one likes wasting energy. Whether it’s coming from your own solar roof or the grid you’ll want to make sure your electricity goes as far as possible.

LED lighting has many benefits:

1. More light for less power
LED lights are twice as efficient as standard room lighting and ten times as efficient as an incandescent or halogen lamp. Costs of LED lighting systems have dropped dramatically over recent years, so it is now a cost effective way of saving energy. That means bill savings and lower carbon emissions too.

2. Better quality light
LEDs offer better colour and better uniformity. Housed in sleek fittings, they are an attractive way to improve the look and feel of your indoor environment.

3. Longer lasting, saving you work
LEDs last a lot longer than conventional alternatives which saves replacement costs and the hassle of replacing broken lamps all the time.

LED lighting from Joju Solar

Our LED service offers:

  • A free survey of the lighting within your building
  • A fully optimised design created to improve lighting quality whilst saving you money
  • A range of finance options including SALIX funding and community funding
  • Our friendly and approachable engineers delivering you a smooth installation
  • Ongoing advice and assistance

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