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Solar panels have changed the lives of thousands of families in the UK.

The excitement of generating your own power brings another dimension to day-to-day life – especially when your panels are fitted along with a smart energy monitor. Your home becomes connected to the wider world, helping you understand how much electricity you import and how much you’re generating yourself.

And, honestly, it’s fun to see if you can get a full wash done for free on a sunny summer’s day!

Our record

We have hundreds of happy customers – you can take a look at our five star rating on the independent government review site YouGen.

Key for us is to offer the best system at the best price – and not to cut corners. Because we are genuine experts we know the difference it makes to design the system properly and install it well.

Sunlight in a box

The rapid improvement and falling costs of batteries is taking home solar to the next stage – for an extra 20-40% on the cost of a system we can install you a battery that will save your spare solar electricity to power your lights and other appliances at night. We can also fit a special water heater that uses surplus electricity to heat your water tank, cutting your gas bill.

If you fit your home with LEDs – which use a fraction of the electricity of traditional bulbs – your home grown energy will go even further.

Just call Jon for a simple desktop survey of your home, which can be done in a day. If it looks promising we’ll make a short visit to do a full survey and offer a formal specification for your system with a fixed quote for the cost.


Download this guide to see the ten things you need to know before buying solar panels:


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