Watts aren’t the only energy generated from solar panels: they can have a far greater impact in opening eyes and inspiring minds.

And no solar energy system has more potential for this than one built on a school roof.

Joju and schools

Over the years we’ve helped many schools to turn their roofs into a source of new income and a fresh new educational resource for their children and parents.

We’ve been a partner of all the major solar schools programmes – 10:10 Solar Schools, Friends of the Earth ‘Run on Sun’, Wey Valley Energy Cooperative, and Low Carbon Hub – and designed and built PV on over 50 schools around England.

Our experience

  • Great track record at installing within school holiday timetables
  • Close partnership with campaign groups promoting solar schools
  • Exemplary Health & Safety record, proven over 10 years

LEDs for schools

There’s one investment that will gain you thanks from your students, staff AND financial team – bringing your buildings into the 21st century with LED lighting.

Proven to create a better working environment and to reduce running and maintenance costs, an LED retrofit can be installed quickly and pay for itself in just a few years through lower electricity bills.

We offer a free survey and quote, as well as possible access to community funding through our partners Energy4All.


Call Chris Jardine on 0207 697 1000 to find out more