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How Solar PV Works

How Solar PV Works

Solar panels have been working successfully for decades producing clean green electricity for millions of people around the world. They are a simple technology with no moving parts and a very long lifetime. Read more
Why Solar?

Why Solar?

We really do love solar power. It is silent, efficient, simple to install, looks good (at least we think so) and, of course, it’s clean. But for those who like lists here are our top reasons for going solar: Be part of th... Read more
Feed-in Tariff

Feed-in Tariff

UK Government changes to Feed-in Tariffs The new Feed-in Tariff for solar PV systems came into effect on August 1, 2012.The tariffs are to be reviewed every three months and will be revised according to deployment rates. The next date wh... Read more

New from Joju Solar

Joju Solar's March Newsletter

In case you missed our recent newsletter, have a look at the on-line version with news about the Green Deal, installation stories and the latest on our Sunny Days for All programme.

Solar News

Michael Gove, Greg Barker and Andrew Atkins...

Last Thursday Secretaries of State Michael Gove and Greg Barker opened a solar installation at Barnes Primary School in South West London when they launched their Solar Schools leaflet. Installed by ... Read more